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The State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA) established on 1 July 2013 made this department the single assessment manager or referral agency for all development applications where the state has a jurisdiction.

You are encouraged to submit your development application through the online MyDAS system or through your local regional office. You may also request a pre-lodgement meeting via the pre-lodgement form (PDF icon 84 KB).

Sustainable Planning Regulation Amendments

Selected referral triggers were removed as part of the Sustainable Planning Regulation Amendments in August 2012 and March 2013. These changes will save applicants processing time and costs. To determine if your application needs to be referred to a referral agency, see the Sustainable Planning Regulation 2009, schedule 7. You may also use the IDAS forms or MyDAS - the online system - to assist you in preparing, lodging or referring applications to the department.

Round one trigger amendments - August 2012

Removed referral triggers include:

  • concurrence referrals for particular applications for preliminary approval by the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning.
  • concurrence referrals for purposes of community uses, places of worship, and education and care service premises or child care centres by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.
  • advice referrals for conservation estate areas, cultural heritage premises and wetlands by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.
  • advice referrals for premises affected by acid sulfate soils by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

Round two trigger amendments - 15 March 2013

The Sustainable Planning Regulation 2009 was amended by the Sustainable Planning Amendment Regulation (No. 1) 2013 on 15 March 2013, however some amendments did not commence until 25 March 2013.

The amendments result in significant improvements to referrals and other development assessment processes under the Sustainable Planning Act framework.

Amendments that commenced on 15 March 2013 include:

  • simplified referrals for applications involving contaminated land
  • simplified and reduced referrals for applications for coastal development
  • removal of referrals for applications involving declared significant projects on strategic cropping land
  • removal of referrals for applications under regional plans other than the South East Queensland Regional Plan
  • reduced public notification periods for certain development so that it aligns with the general notification requirement of 15 business days
  • the chief executive under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 prescribed as the assessment manager for applications involving an environmentally relevant activity and vegetation clearing
  • removal of redundant provisions, including those relating to evidence of state resource allocation
  • the regulation made consistent with assessment categories that may be prescribed for development under an airport land use plan.

Amendments that commenced on 25 March 2013 simplify and reduce transport related referrals for relevant development applications.

For more information about referral triggers that apply to your development application contact the relevant local referral agency (PDF icon 141 KB).