Public notification is required for certain development applications to ensure that the public is aware of the development and they have the opportunity to make submissions about it. A properly made submission will secure for the submitter the right to appeal to the Planning and Environment Court about the assessment manager's decision.

Public notification is only required for an application for:

The guide on public notifications (PDF icon 881 KB) outlines the requirements under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 and provides general information on how the forms are to be placed on land, in newspapers and provided to adjoining landholders.

To satisfy the requirements of the legislation, public notification must involve each of the following:

The purpose of public notification processes is to inform the community and relevant stakeholders of the proposal and to give them the opportunity to:

Making a submission about a development application (PDF icon 224 KB) has been developed to assist people in making a submission in relation to either impact assessment or code assessment components of a development application.

The approved forms for public notification of a development application made under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 are available below.

SPA forms

Form nameForm numberEffective date
Public notice sign on land (template*) (Word icon 53 KB) SPA form 4 1 March 2012
Public notice advertisement for newspaper and adjoining land owners (template*) (Word icon 56 KB) SPA form 5 1 March 2012

This template is to assist with creating public notices for certain development applications. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all requirements outlined in the approved form (including font styles and minimum letter heights) are met. If additional space is required, the overall size of the public notice should be increased. The department expressly disclaims all liability (including but not limited to liability for negligence) for errors or omissions of any kind whatsoever or for any loss (including direct and indirect losses), damage or other consequence which may arise from your reliance on the material contained in this publication. This information is issued on the understanding that the department is not, through the issue of this information, giving any legal or other professional service.

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