The assessment manager must assess your development application against the matters specified in the Sustainable Planning Act 2009. These matters include:

The assessment manager must also have regard to any submissions received during public notification where public notification is required.

Once the assessment manager has assessed the application, the assessment manager must decide the application by either approving the application (in whole or in part) or refusing the application. If the application is approved, the assessment manager may impose conditions on the approval.

The Sustainable Planning Act 2009 requires the assessment manager to assess and decide applications within specified timeframes. For certain types of applications requiring code assessment only, the applicant may request that the application be deemed to be approved, if the application is not decided within the specified timeframes. View more information about deemed approvals.

After deciding the application, the assessment manager must give the applicant and any referral agencies a decision about the application. Copies of the decision notice will also be provided to all principal submitters.

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