The Queensland Planning Provisions (QPP) (PDF icon 6.0 MB) (version 4.0) are the standard planning scheme provisions made under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (the Act). This is a robust and flexible document that provides a consistent format and structure for local governments to prepare their planning schemes under the Act while allowing the flexibility to address each local government's circumstances.

The QPP document demonstrates how the government is delivering a more streamlined planning system and providing sustainable development outcomes for communities throughout Queensland.

The purpose of the QPP is to provide a clear and consistent framework:

Amendments to the QPP

The Queensland Government is leading the way with a focused approach to managing growth, minimising its impacts, and maximising the benefits to Queenslanders. As part of reforming the planning and development system, QPP version 4.0 (PDF icon 6.0 MB) has been released to achieve better planning and development outcomes for local governments and communities.

Members of the public were invited to have their say on the draft amendments from Monday 8 December 2014 through to Friday 16 January 2015. View the submission review report (PDF icon 913 KB).

Based on this review and consideration of all submissions received, QPP version 4.0 has been developed. Changes made between QPP version 3.1 and QPP version 4.0 are summarised (PDF icon 340 KB) for ease of reference.

For more information about the QPP, please contact the department.

Background of the QPP

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