Queensland Urban Design and Places Panel

The Queensland Urban Design and Places Panel is an advisory body that will provide the government with independent expert advice on the design of major infrastructure and urban planning projects across the state.

The panel provides a way for state agencies and local governments to obtain advice about best practice design and place-making to deliver better outcomes for Queensland communities.

The panel has a remit to provide advice on urban design, urban planning, engineering, commercial assessment, development economics, architecture and other built environment aspects in relation to major development and urban infrastructure projects.

The panel will be responsible for:

The panel also has a remit to promote community and industry awareness of the nexus between superior urban design and economic advantage and to spread the message that ‘good design makes good business sense’.


State government agencies and local government stand to benefit significantly by involving the Urban Design and Places Panel, particularly in the early stages of project development and delivery.

Benefits include:

Terms of reference

For more information about the panel's roles and responsibilities, please see the Terms of reference (PDF icon 128 KB).


The panel is chaired by the Queensland Government Architect, Mr Malcolm Middleton, whose professional experience as an urban designer and architect is recognised nationally.

Other panel members include:

Emma Appleton

Marcus Brown

Catherin Bull

Cathryn Chatburn

Peter Edwards

Leisl Harris

Chris Isles

Richard Kirk

Leah Lang

Helen Lochhead

Toby Lodge

Michael Rayner

Martin Reason

Peter Richards

Bridget Smyth

Caroline Stalker

Stuart Vokes

Nathalie Ward

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