The State Development Assessment Provisions (SDAP) are updated from time to time to align with state government reforms and to clarify certain provisions. The changes which have occurred with each version to date, are summarised below.

Note that where there is no mention of a particular module or part of SDAP, this indicates that no changes to that part or module were made to the relevant SDAP version. The below table also may not capture some minor amendments, such as formatting, date changes, changes to references and glossaries, and administrative changes.

Should you require further clarification of changes in a particular version of SDAP, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

SDAP version 2.1

SDAP version 2.0

SDAP version 1.10

SDAP version 1.9

SDAP version 1.8

SDAP version 1.7

SDAP version 1.6

SDAP version 1.5

SDAP version 1.4

SDAP version 1.3

SDAP version 1.2

SDAP version 1.1

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