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On 18 December 2009 the Palmview Master Planned Area (PDF icon 350 KB) was declared. The Palmview Master Planned Area is located in the north-eastern part of the Mooloolah Valley planning area, west of the Kawana Town Centre on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.


Key development targets

Area of master planned area Approximately 926 hectares
Additional dwellings Approximately 8,000 dwellings
Additional population Approximately 17,000 people
Number of lots dedicated for affordable housing Approximately 500 dwellings

The Palmview Master Planned Area was declared to ensure future growth in the area occurs in a coordinated and efficient way to meet the growing population in South East Queensland (SEQ) and the future housing needs of the Sunshine Coast community.

The intent of the Palmview Master Planned Area (PDF icon 350 KB) is to create a transit orientated community that offers affordable living, a range of employment opportunities and promotes integrated, compact and ecologically sustainable neighbourhoods.

In March 2016, funding of $5 million was allocated from the Catalyst Infrastructure Program (CIP) to help fund new water and sewerage infrastructure at the Palmview residential development. Under the CIP, the state invests in crucial infrastructure to unlock and kick-start development that accelerates the delivery of new homes, jobs and economic benefits. The developer will repay the state over an agreed period of time commensurate with land sales.

Relationship to the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031

Palmview is recognised in the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031 as a regional development area for residential and employment growth. The Palmview Master Planned Area plays a key role in delivering the identified housing, employment and population targets for the Sunshine Coast Regional Council area.

Previous planning

Palmview was declared a major development area on 26 October 2006 for the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2005-2026.

In 2007, the major development area (PDF icon 380 KB) provisions were rescinded as a result of the introduction of the Urban Land Development Authority Act 2007. Consequently an amendment was made to the Integrated Planning Act 1997 that recognised all existing major development areas as identified master planned areas.

In early 2009, the Sunshine Coast Regional Council commenced the structure planning process under the major development area requirements. A Palmview Position Paper was released for public input during February to March 2009. The Palmview Position Paper outlined Sunshine Coast Regional Council's vision, strategic intent and planning framework for the future development and management of the area.

The Palmview Master Planned Area Declaration on 18 December 2009 rescinded the previous major development area. The work undertaken prior to 18 December 2009 was carried forward to take advantage of previous community consultation and planning decisions.


Palmview Declared Master Plan Area key dates

Palmview Structure Plan
Declaration of master planned area. View gazette notice (PDF icon 221 KB) 18 December 2009
Local government submits structure plan for consideration of state interests 4 February 2010
Minister approves structure plan for public notification 18 February 2010
Local government undertakes public notification of structure plan 5 March – 19 April 2010
Local government considers public submissions and submits revised structure plan for consideration of state interests 20 September 2010
Minister approves structure plan 11 October 2010
Local government adopts structure plan 1 October 2010
Commencement of structure plan 5 November 2010
Project status
Commencement of changes to the Sustainable Planning Act 2009

Note: The Palmview structure plan will now be required to be transitioned into Sunshine Coast Regional Council's Sustainable Planning Act 2009 planning scheme by following the process stated in Statutory Guideline 02/12 Making and amending local planning instruments. No new master plan applications can be made in the declared master planned area.
22 November 2012

Further information

There are six declared master planned areas. View more information on the master planned area process.

For any questions, concerns or suggestions about the Palmview Master Planned Area contact the department or visit the Sunshine Coast Regional Council website.

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On 3 July 2017, Queensland started operating under new planning legislation – the Planning Act 2016. Information on this page relates to the previous legislation – the Sustainable Planning Act 2009. Learn more about the new planning system.