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Registrations are closed for the inaugural SEQ Living Landscapes Forum in Boonah from 10-12 September.

Queensland Coordinator General Colin Jensen, said the forum was being organised by the Regional Landscape and Open Space Advisory Committee (RLOSAC).

“The RLOSAC provides independent advice to me, on integrative approaches to managing issues in the Regional Landscape and Rural Production area of South East Queensland, which is primarily productive rural land,” Mr Jensen said.

“South East Queensland is Australia’s fastest-growing metropolitan region, attracting on average 66,000 new residents each year.

“One of many reasons for the waves of people moving to SEQ is our outdoor lifestyle and access to diverse regional landscape, open spaces, outstanding scenic amenity and the rural production areas of the region.

“We are making sure that such rapid population growth in SEQ does not adversely impact on the region’s environmental assets, agricultural production and green space, both locally and regionally. “

“The South East Queensland Regional Plan 2005 – 2026 was implemented to manage this growth and associated changes in the most sustainable way and to protect and enhance the quality of life in the region.”

Council of Mayors (SEQ) Deputy Chairman and Scenic Rim Mayor, Cr John Brent, said local government was aware of the public’s concern that growth and development had the capacity to infringe on rural production areas and regional open space, particularly in urban fringe areas.

“The Council of Mayors (SEQ) is co-presenting this forum to ensure rural issues are not neglected or play a poor second in the Regional Plan review process,” Cr Brent said.

“It is critical that local government and the community have a say in the future of this important land use, which makes up almost 90 per cent of area covered by the SEQ Regional Plan and continues to be such a strong contributor to the region’s economy.

“Local government wants to ensure protection of valuable agricultural land from strong urban growth, provide areas for outdoor recreation and conservation, plus ensure that rural areas have employment and economic development opportunities – and to see all of these points enshrined in the Regional Plan.”

Regional Landscape and Open Space Advisory Committee Chair Darryl Low Choy said the 2008 SEQ Living Landscapes Forum would provide input to the review of the SEQ Regional Plan and an opportunity for discussion and information sharing on key issues facing the regional landscape.

“The objectives of the forum will be to raise the profile of key regional landscape issues, to examine their policy position within state and local governments in Queensland and to disseminate the SEQ experience of managing the regional landscape and rural production areas to a wider audience,” Mr Low Choy said.

Information on how to register for the forum can be found at