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Single State Planning Policy introduced


Following consultation, the State Planning Policy has been finalised and adopted. It provides a consolidated and comprehensive view of the state's interests in land use planning and development.


The State Planning Policy (SPP) came into effect on 2 December and, along with supporting guidance material, is available on the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning website.

The SPP sets out the interests and policies that local government must take into account when preparing or amending local planning schemes or assessing certain types of development applications in the interim. Local government planning schemes must integrate relevant state interests in planning and development and provide local context to those interests.

By expressing state interests in planning and development in a single place, the SPP aims to provide efficiency, consistency and certainty in Queensland's land use planning and development system.

The supporting SPP Interactive Mapping System is now also available via the department's website . The mapping system provides a visual representation of the policies or requirements associated with some state interests. This system contains both statutory and guidance mapping.

DSDIP's Regional Services planners and SPP Team, are committed to working closely with local government to assist in interpreting and applying the State Planning Policy for its planning scheme. In addition, to immediately assist local government, all interim development assessment requirements have been collated into one section of the document, Part E: Interim development assessment requirements and are supported with specific DA mapping, accessed through the SPP Interactive Mapping System.

Associated with the introduction of the SPP, existing SPPs and the Coastal SPRP have been repealed.

Updated State Development Assessment Provisions for applications from 2 December 2013

The Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning has also released an amended version of the State Development Assessment Provisions (SDAP). These set out the matters of interest to the state for development assessment, where the chief executive administering the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, being the Director-General of the department, is responsible for assessing or deciding development applications.

The SDAP is occasionally updated to reflect the legislative and policy changes of the state government. Applicants should address the version of the SDAP that is current at the time of their application to the assessment manager.

Below are the versions of the SDAP made by the chief executive and given effect through an amendment to the Sustainable Planning Regulation 2009:

SDAP version Date of commencement
Version 1.0, 21 June 2013 1 July 2013
Version 1.1, 22 November 2013 2 December 2013

Superseded versions of the SDAP and the related response tables can still be referenced on the department's website.

Further information

If you have any questions regarding:

  • SPP, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1800 600 163.
  • SDAP, please refer to the relevant contacts.

For any other enquiries please contact the department on 13 QGOV (13 74 68).