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There is a strong practical challenge to design housing forms for neighbourhoods that are more compact, mixed-use, connected and active to meet the desires and needs of many in the changing Queensland community.

The density and diversity challenge demands a collaborative approach. The design competition is open to multidisciplinary teams that include architects, building designers, planners, landscape architects, built environment students, and urban designers in Australia and overseas.

The design competition seeks new, affordable and buildable missing middle designs that are relevant to the South East Queensland and overall Queensland context and climate.

The missing middle is a term used to describe dwellings that are compatible with surrounding lower density resident environments. ShapingSEQ identifies the missing middle as a range of housing types between the two extremes of detached houses and high rise apartment buildings.

diagram of the missing middle

Evaluation criteria

Submissions should demonstrate a high level of innovation in one or more of the following areas:

  • Climatically responsive places that are quiet and full of light – designed to breathe, warm, cool and keep dry.
  • Healthy and safe public and private places that encourage walking, active lifestyles and connection with community and nature.
  • Intergenerational places that embrace households and businesses of various sizes, ages, abilities and occupations.
  • Entrepreneurial places to work, learn, invest, innovate and play, including co-living-working spaces, SOHOs (small office home offices), shop-top housing, and studios for budding and established entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • Total energy places involving smart building systems and materials, and mobility and storage solutions to reduce energy infrastructure, greenhouse gas emissions, and consumer energy costs.

The competition has closed, you can now view the competition submissions.