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The Queensland Government is now in caretaker mode until after the state election. Minimal updates will be made to this site until after the election results are declared.

The Economic Development Act 2012 requires applications to be made to the Minister for Economic Development Queensland in the approved form. All forms are listed in the table below.

FormVersionEffective Date
Request for a pre-application meeting (Word icon 259 KB) 5.0 14 July 2017
Development application (Word icon 266 KB) 8.0 14 July 2017
Request for endorsement of plan of subdivision and community management statement (Word icon 255 KB) 6.0 14 July 2017
Application to extend currency period (Word icon 257 KB) 6.0 14 July 2017
Application for permanent road closure (Word icon 263 KB) 6.0 14 July 2017
Application for temporary road closure (Word icon 262 KB) 6.0 14 July 2017
Application for permit to interfere with controlled vegetation (Word icon 262 KB) 3.0 14 July 2017
Application for review of original decision to interfere with controlled vegetation (Word icon 255 KB) 3.0 14 July 2017
Application for compliance assessment (Word icon 257 MB) 3.0 14 July 2017
Application for out of hours approval (Word icon 265 KB) 4.0 14 July 2017